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Honey is composed of proteins, sugars, lipids and vitamins and its customary use in alimentation assures considerable benefits, is rich in nutritional and natural values able to solve possible dietetical problems. The raw honey have a lot of vitamines like A,B1,B2,B3 and C as well as minerals like potassium, calcium,phosphorus,iron,which are very important for our organism wellbeing

Milflowers Honey

This honey is produced by beens living in bee-hive, near to uncultivated land, where various kind of flowers growns, then "millefiori" (onethousand flowers) is the quality of this honey.It has a lot of curative characteristics. It is indicated for cold and to protect the liver.
Very good for breakfast, for children and to sweet herb infusion.

Honey flovour Acacia


Clear yellow colour , liquid.Very sweet and neutral taste .
Very good for breakfast, for children and to sweet hot milk and tea.The honey is preserved raw, without any pasteurization

Chestnut honey

This honey is produced by beens living in bee-hive,near to chestnut wood.The color is brown with intense aroma and strong taste slightly bitterish .This honey help the blood circulation.Very good togheter with cheese.


Sunflower honey

This honey is produced by beens living in bee-hive, near to the sunflowers cultivated land, which is one of the most typical cultivation all over the hills around Siena.The honey has a light yellow colour with a very soft aroma and sweet delicate taste.It has a lot of curative characteristics it is indicated in rehabilitation of the bones.

Clover Honey

Very sweet , and soft , delicios as the flower Ecellent for Herb infusion .

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