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The senese earth, further oils, wines and grappe, gives the opportunity to choose the many types of could cuts
we propose a part of products that you can taste coming to visit siena.

Salame Toscano, Salamino Toscano and Salame "Bastardo"

The tuscan "salame" is made by pork shoulder mincemeat and bacon from national battery's farms and "lardo", with pepper salt and montalcino wine, then seasoned for at least three months.
the tuscan "salamino" differs from the "salame"for the smallest dimension .
the "salame bastardo" differs for the dimension and for the small quantity of "lardo".


This is a tipical thick "salame" of tuscany diffused in all the region.
it is prepared with pieces of pork shoulder, hard fat, salt, pepper, seeds of wild fennel ,garlic and wine, all chopped togheter.
the mixture acquires its flavour and its name from wild fennel seeds( finocchiona literally means "the big fennel-one )
The extra girth of sausage helps it keep a certain maistness in the centre .
finocchiona" is surely an inevitable component of tuscan appetizers, his taste is definite and unmistakable , we recommend the tasting with fragant bread non salty .

Finocchiata (Capocollo)

The capocollo is obtained by the swine neck, seasoned and aromatized with abundant fennel.
It is eaten in every season and occasion
this is one of Easter tradition appetiziers , excellent with "dragoncello" , try with a good glass of red wine.

Prosciutto Senza Osso

The ham is obtained by salting national battery pork thigh and maturing it, the ham weight, being a complete piece of animal body, can vary between eight and nine Kg. According to the animal size.
the "prosciutto" has a delicate taste with correct sapidity , it has a fragant and characteristic aroma thanks to the employment in the workmanship of berries and available vegetables of the senese territory.
the seasoning at temperature between 12 and 25°c ,for a period of 10 months.
Ham and sandwich is the best, especially if you get some slices of fresh bread, or you can eat with melon.


The "rigatino", so called for its fat and lean lines, is obtained from the muscolar part of belly swine , it is aromatized with pepper and spices .
it has the characteristics striations of fat and thin meat.
excellent cut in small pieces or in pasta souces, the "rigatino "is special for snacks
with good glass of red wine .

Salsicce Toscane Stagionate

The dry sausages usually made of fresh pork but in some areas made of much spiecer wild boar meat mixed with pork, it is obtained by the thinnest pig meat mixed with salt, pepper and garlic, dry near the fire .
Best use : grilled and served with polenta or served in casserole stewed with cannellini beans .They can be eaten either raw, like salami or cooked.


" The Siena art in the cold meat " this is really what comes to think tasting this delicate and tasty fillet, the noble part of the swine . deriving only from breedings rigorously tuscans, the swines are carefully selected, all of female sex with the purpose to draw its best meats and more apprecciate

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