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Siena … in the Chianti area is without doubt the hearth of the good wine and the excellent oil.We are going to offer a service for turists inserting a list of the good oils of our area, to know about the past and future of this so-called "smaller" zone of Tuscany.

Extra virgin olive oil

It is oil from the first pressing, when the first new oil is ready, like for the wine , is a beautiful day and it is eaten with the bread or very simply plates just to try it.The opalescent color , aims to green is a characteristic of this oil.
The pressing effected with the traditional millstones.

Montepulciano's extra virgin olive oil

The "olio extra vergine di oliva" has in Tuscany an hight tradition of quality. This oil has been produced in Montepulciano, in the Tuscany country, with the respect of the ancient uses for these reasons is a product of particular fitness.


Chianti's Extra virgin olive oil

This oil obtained with olives produced in olive-groves situated in "Gaiole in Chianti", "radda in chianti" and "Castellina in Chianti", few kilometers from Siena. The middle altitude of these olive-groves is around 350-450 m.s.l.ms, and the grounds is typical of the Chianti classico zone, is a mix of green and albarese rocks. Olives are manually selected among end of november and the first part of december. The "new oil" has an intense green, that turn into a typical gilded yellow after some months, to the sense of smell has evident notes of yielded, characteristics of the hill oils, while to the taste it presents enough sharp and bitterish. Every years this oil is commercialized in 5.000 bottles .

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